Kap Kallous - That Juice

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Soulspazm, Inc.
650 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10012
(718) 360-5642
  • 1. The Intro (feat. Lia Mack)
  • 2. That Juice
  • 3. Bill Paxton (feat. DudeTunes & Lia Mack)
  • 4. Lava Lamps (feat. Lia Mack)
  • 5. Alaskan Huskies (feat. Niko Is & Lia Mack)
  • 6. Loose Your Head
  • 7. Day Of The Dead (feat. Persyce Apollo & Niko Is)
  • 8. Mr. Coffee (feat. Lia Mack)
  • 9. Deaf Ears (feat. Persyce Apollo & DudeTunes)
  • 10. Tomahawk Steaks
  • 11. Upside Down (feat. Lia Mack)
  • 12. Dear God (feat. Myverse & Illustrate)
  • 13. West Dakota (feat. Niko Is & Lia Mack)
  • 14. Tempurpedic Coffin (feat. Lia Mack & DJ EPS)
  • 15. T.M.I. (feat. Redd Simpkins)
  • 16. Hot Coals (Outro) (feat. Lia Mack)
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About Kap Kallous
A Florida transplant in the warped city of Los Angeles, Kap Kallous is a truly independent artist whose bold musical choices, relentless drive, and killer live show has made him an outlier in a sometimes-crowded hip hop landscape. After a decade of smaller releases that established his patented brand of in-your-face, musically explorative style, he is consistently touring and releasing projects. 

 Battle Rap vet Kap Kallous has unleashed the aggressive title track over another flawless Persyce Apollo production. On “That Juice,” the Los Angeles transplant paints a visual of the not-so-beautiful side of being an artist as well as the costs of wholeheartedly pursuing one’s passions.